Alison Lloyd – I Cannot See the Summit from Here



I cannot see the summit from here

Here being Dukes Wood, Nottinghamshire.




Binnein Beag

contours of a map

for Aonach Beag


at 1234 metres

Bearings taken to preferred ways


Kinks in the contours

Kindliness between two walkers

just pick an area

kinks in the lives


towards a day

today there was no need to get anywhere

tired was my position

terrified was how I felt

tried to get to the summit



The cleanest description of my tools for Navigation …

In a transparent plastic holder there is one permanent marker pen with a green lid.  The lid is about a third of the pen’s size.  The green of the lid tells me that the pen’s ink is green.

How close the green ink colour is to the lid I do not know because I haven’t used the pen to make a mark.

The pen with the blue top has been taken out of the transparent plastic holder and is lying next to this container.  There is a pencil.

Next to the plastic container is a piece of unlined paper with one torn edge.  On the paper is some writing in blue ink.  The blue ink from the pen with the blue top.

Lying below the three lines of blue inked text is an instrument that is also made from the same transparent plastic.

Red cord is tied or rather looped through a hole in the plastic instrument.  There is a circular dial that I know I can twist.  Inside the dial is a white and red arrow.  The red arrow points North.  And points down towards me.











By Alison Lloyd

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