Dan Robinson – Cabin for Duke’s Wood


Hunt cabin on Lorraine regional nature reserve, France. Photo: Dan Robinson

I first encountered this hunt cabin in 2010 whilst preparing for an artist residency as Mud Office[1] with Synagogue de Delme contemporary art centre. The cabin’s architecture is not dissimilar to several bird-hides nearby. These structures – for looking and waiting – variously conceal wildlife observers, telescopic devices, books, snacks and guns. During our three month residency this cabin site also served as a sort of studio annexe where objects, actions, sound and video were processed, assembled and broadcast.

Today, a near-identical cabin is being built in Dukes Wood, Nottinghamshire. Its potential use will be tested as part of Ordinary Culture’s spring – autumn programme. The cabin is not open to the general public, but may be used and/or appropriated by staff, volunteers or guests of The Wildlife Trust, Dukes Wood Oil Museum or Ordinary Culture[2]. The cabin is being built in a small patch of undergrowth at the northern boundary of Dukes Wood, with distant views north across fields, and discreet viewing of Dukes Wood’s flora, fauna and users.

Building the structure at the start of the programme allows time to see if uses may or may not develop over the summer. Following this, further adaptations to the cabin could be possible in the autumn. My residency period at Dukes will be probably be largely spent near the cabin seeing what might happen.


Newspaper insert for Black Dogs Quarterly. Dan Robinson, 2013


An oversized camera for recording and projecting. Drawing on whiteboard: Dan Robinson, 2013

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[1] Mud Office (Dan Robinson & Charlie Jeffery) http://www.mudoffice.eu

[2] At their own risk.


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