Alec Finlay – Jamie’s Bower

Honeysuckle crop
word-drawing (honeysuckle), AF, 2012

The method of the bower project is to work from the made thing
of poetry to the woven construction, in situ.

This poem by Kathleen Jamie seems to perfectly encapsulate the
potentiality of name-becoming-form. I thank her for permission
to include it here.

The Bower

Neither born nor gifted
crafted, nor bequeathed
this forest dwelling’s little
but a warp or tease
in the pliant light trees
soften and confine.
Though it’s nothing
but an attitude of mind
mere breath rising in staves,
the winds assail
its right to exist, this anchorage
or musical-box, veiled

Kathleen Jamie
first published, Irish Review 28 (2001)

Kathleen Jamie is Chair of Creative Writing at the University of Stirling


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